Thankful For Our Community

November is a month dedicated to showing gratitude. Being thankful for your family, friends, jobs, hobbies, and… access to programs and services. Discover why your United Way of Cayuga County Board of Directors, Campaign Co-chairs & Cabinet Members, and Staff are thankful this season.

If you are thankful for the United Way of Cayuga County, consider making a gift and sharing why you are thankful. Every gift made using this form through December 1, 2023 will be added to the Step Up & Win raffle six (6) times.


Kim Emperato
Lyons National Bank, Sennett
United Way Board Member, Vice President

"As a board member and longtime volunteer of the United Way, I am thankful for the difference they make in our community every day. I can’t think of anyone who doesn’t know of someone or have themselves been one of the 46,000 Cayuga County residents served by this amazing organization." 

gennie bartholomew

Gennie Bartholomew
Port Byron Resident
County North Campaign Co-Chair

"I am thankful that the United Way touches so many people in our community from educational resources to health and financial services. What a wonderful way to give to our community-- our home."

bill berry

 bill berry jr.
aaduna, inc., Auburn
United Way Board Member

"The United Way of Cayuga County epitomizes planned change to improve the well-being of our community. Such change is driven by Member Agencies, and other voices concerned with the physical, intellectual, educational, mental health and recreational needs of all county and city."


Jessica Wrench
Cayuga County Chamber of Commerce, Auburn
United Way Board Member

“I am thankful for the hard work and dedication of the United Way staff and volunteers. Because of their commitment to the community so many needed programs are funded annually. I’m grateful to be a part of an organization that makes such a positive impact in Cayuga County.”

stephanie and team

Stephanie Leone
NYSEG, Auburn
United Way Board Member

"As a former staff member and now active volunteer, I am forever grateful to the United Way of Cayuga County for empowering this community to be it's best - over 100 years and counting!!"


Christine Bickel
Union Springs Resident
County South Campaign Co-Chair

"Having dedicated countless hours as a committed volunteer for the United Way, I have had the privilege of observing firsthand the transformative effect their backing of local nonprofits has on our community. Being actively involved with such an impactful organization over an extended period has only deepened my appreciation for the substantial contributions it makes to better the lives of those in need."


Amy Mahunik
Auburn Enlarged City School District, Auburn
United Way Board Member

"I am thankful for the United Way for the many community organizations that it supports; however, the support for local youth programs in providing access to music, childcare and camps, is dear to my heart as it helps provide safety and opportunities to support the growth and development for our local youth."


Joanna Bilinski
Auburn Crane & Rigging, Sennett
United Way Board Member, Secretary
County North Campaign Co-Chair

"I’m thankful for the United Way for giving me the opportunity to reach out to and be involved in my community in a positive way!"


Blake Turner
Nucor Steel, Auburn
United Way Cabinet Member

“The United Way plays such a pivotal role in taking care of the community. I am thankful for the opportunity to witness how its efforts have blessed the lives of countless individuals and strengthened the areas where we work and live”


Mark Carr
Nurcor Steel, Auburn
United Way Cabinet member

"I am thankful for all the United Way does through its Member Agencies to invest in our youth through programs and opportunities offered."


Jackie Dmytrenko
Cayuga Lake National Bank, Union Springs
United Way Board Member

 "Cayuga Lake National Bank is thankful to be a part of such a wonderful organization that has an impact on more than half of the people in Cayuga County."


Sydney Stull
Marketing & Campaign Assistant
United Way of Cayuga County Staff

"Having done philanthropy in high school and college, I learned the importance of nonprofit work, and how powerful it can be in a community. Through these experiences I knew I wanted to start a career in the nonprofit sector. Working for the United Way has been such a blessing in starting my career. I am so grateful to be able to work somewhere that touches so many lives in our community, and to be in a position that I am excited to be a part of every single day."


Kathryn Dennis
Executive Director
United Way of Cayuga County Staff

"Thankful for so many people, doing so much good." This is what it means to me, to be a part of the United Way of Cayuga County Family. Every day, we are privileged to be surrounded by people who serve their community - member agencies, volunteers, donors, sponsors, businesses, community members, and my colleagues. It's an honor to support our member agencies who work tirelessly to address our county's most critical needs. We are thankful for them and thankful to all those who support their work and the mission of our United Way."


Julisa Stone
Campaign & Marketing Manager
United Way of Cayuga County Staff

"For more than a century, the United Way of Cayuga County continues to bring together our community to improve the wellbeing of our neighbors and as a direct recipient of funded programs such as SAVAR and former agency, Big Brothers & Big Sisters, I've experienced the powerful, positive, and transformative impact of your dollars in action. I am grateful that Cayuga County has allowed me the opportunity to be your Campaign & Marketing Manager at the United Way so that I can give back and thank my community for caring about me when I needed it most." 


Sandy Sheridan
Office Administrator
United Way of Cayuga County Staff

"I am grateful for our community members who support the United Way of Cayuga County in so many ways and I appreciate all those who continue to work so hard providing programs and services to our county residents."