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Community Building Mini-Grant

No one can anticipate an emergency, or better yet, an unexpected opportunity. With that in mind, your United Way of Cayuga County has created a Community Building Mini-Grant. This grant is intended for those unexpected opportunities that can advance your programming, and your people.

Community Building Mini-Grants must directly address: areas of children and youth achieving their potential through education and healthy family lives, helping families and individuals become financially stable and self-sufficient, improve physical and mental wellness of people of all ages, or provide a direct, safety net resource or basic need.

Permitted activities for funding include cost(s) of materials needed/associated with a project, current projects, or expansion of projects or programming. Costs associated with professional development, certification, and/or training programs that further the development of staff delivering direct services.

These grants are not for after-the-fact support, or operating deficits. An organization may only receive one mini-grant per 12-month period.


Grants are made only to nonprofit organizations that have federal tax-exempt status, or if they fall under the umbrella of a parent nonprofit with tax exempt status as a section 501(c)(3) public charity, public educational institutions or to government agencies. An organization not currently recognized by the Internal Revenue Service as a 501(c)(3) tax exempt, not for profit institution, may identify a 501(c)(3) sponsor to act as their fiscal agent. Religious organizations are eligible to apply for projects without a sectarian component. The applicant must provide services within Cayuga County and funding requested may only be used to benefit Cayuga County residents. Current United Way of Cayuga County member agencies may apply for funding to support a program or project separate from their annual grant support.

Organizations must comply with all regulations of the state, county and federal government pertaining to proper licensing, health and safety requirements and operating with the State of New York and certify that they are following the USA Patriot Act and other counter-terrorism laws.

Funding Considerations

UWCC mini-grant funding is impacted by annual gifts, which vary from year to year.

Our Community Investment volunteers will review applications on a rolling basis, with funding following review of request. Notification will be made by the Executive Director.

Reporting Requirements

Organizations receiving a mini-grant will be required to complete a follow up within 2 months of project or program completion. Acceptable reporting includes pictures of an event, news or media coverage, testimonials from participants, or a short report from the Program Director or Executive Director. Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis from July 1st – March 31st

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I've consulted with my board about this request

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